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Spring Symphony Slip Dress

Spring Symphony  Slip Dress Flattering Slip with scoop neckline with adjustable straps and elasticized back.  S/M: 8-12 M/L: 12-16 XL: 16-18 100% Cotton voile Pack of 3 consists of; 1 x S/M 1 x M/L 1 x XL

Spring Symphony Frilled Hem Dress

Spring Symphony  Frilled Hem Dress Wear as a a nightie or dress. Made of 100% cotton voile. S/M: 8-12 M/L: 14-16 XL: 16-20 Pack of 3 consists of: S/M, M/L, X/L This nightdress is a full, easy to wear style with buttons and loops down the...

Spring Symphony Top Cotton Sheet

Spring Symphony is one of our popular print and now comes as a Spring/Summer top sheet. Lightweight soft cotton for those balmy nights when it's too hot for anything but a sheet. Measures 280 x 280 cm, large enough to cover the bed down to the floor...