Linens Unlimited is Australian owned & operated company. We focused on designing, manufacturing and sourcing only quality and sustainable products. Products that we believe are slowly disappearing from the marketplace and hence our daily lives.

We are passionate about natural fibre and sustainable products and believe that everyone deserves to take home these products that will last years if not a lifetime, whilst giving us the opportunity to minimize our carbon footprint. 

Private Label: Our team also works with retailers, large and small to create their own collection of clothing & soft furnishings labelled with their own brand on products chosen from our ever-expanding range. Creating a private brand label is a great way to be a “stand alone retailer" within the marketplace, customizing products that suit the individual location and client base and importantly design and quality.

Our customer includes:

Designers: We turn their designs into reality.

Retailers: We have a large portfolio of designs, fabrics and manufactures that we are currently working with to customize the product according to your preference complete with labelling.

Hoteliers/Accommodation: Savvy hoteliers are now getting into creating their own bathrobe/kimono to hang in their rooms/guesthouses for the guests to use and can purchase. This a great way to add value and an exceptional marketing tool.

We are currently working with customers who are branding cotton and linen clothing and soft furnishings.

STOCKIST SECTION: We urge everyone to support your local businesses. Our local retailers are a service to community. Without these hard-working retailers, our communities will look bare and unattractive. If you like any of our products, please visit or call your nearest stockist or if you don’t have any local stockist, please contact your favourite local one and urge them to be one.

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