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Soft and lightweight and comes in 3 sizes.

Made of the same material as our popular Kimono, this scarf is amazingly soft, breathable and non-slip. 100% Cotton voile.

Square scarves are a traditional size that ties nicely at the neck and creates a knot at the back of head when using as a head scarf. Made of the same material as our popular Kimono.

Rectangle Scarves are easy and versatile scarf. Loop it around your neck, drape it or tie it in knots. It makes a beautiful head scarf with end fabric flowing freely or it can be worn turban-style with the end fabric twisted and tucked securely in at the nape.

Please choose from our 2 sizes but don't forget we also have the Sarong Size to choose from.








Sarong Size in the Sarong Category: 110X200cm


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